West Brom manager Roy Hodgson has said that he is extremely satisfied with the performances of his club so far this campaign.

West Brom have just lost their fourth consecutive home match, which has put the pressure on Roy Hodgson. Even though the club are a comfortable five points away from the drop zone, the threat of relegation still looms upon the club.

As a result, it has been speculated that West Brom will consider a managerial change later in the season if results do not improve. However, manager Roy Hodgson has come out with the statement that his West Brom side have been performing up to the standards he has set upon them.

Roy Hodgson will be taking West Brom to Wolves this weekend. The derby is expected to be a major turning point in the season of both clubs if either one of them manages to win. Wolves will be coming into the match on the back of the 2-1 victory they have recorded over QPR.

As a result, it helps them stay afloat in the Premier league table in the safety zone, although they are just one point above the drop zone. The up to date Premier League betting odds reckons that West Brom are 7th favourite to be releagated, so they should be safe enough. Roy Hodgson did a lot to save West Brom from relegation last season, and says that the club has improved dramatically since taking over.

"I was very happy last season with the way things went and, this season, I have had happy moments and unhappy moments. But I am still very satisfied with the way we're working, with the way the players are working and trying to do their best for the club. Sometimes you can work well without results and sometimes you can get results without doing much for it. That's a fact of life," Roy Hodgson said ahead of the match with Wolves.