West Broom Lost to Tottenham and Moves Becomes 18th


It was a crucial match between West Brom and Tottenham Hotspurs where Tottenham beat their opponents with a result of 1 goal to nil. The goal scored by Harry Kane was a milestone goal for him as he touched the English Legend Wayne Rooney in terms of the highest number of goals for a particular club in all sorts of competitive matches. With this win, Tottenham has moved to 2nd place with 17 points in the points table. They have won 5 matches while having lost 1 and drawn two of their 8 matches so far. On the other hand, West Broom has only managed to draw three matches so far out of their 8 clashes and has only scored 3 points from these matches.

The West Broom Coach tried to put the best team inside the ground. The players were almost successful to stop the Tottenham Hotspurs strikers from scoring goals.

But at the 88th minute, Harry Kane got a chance and capitalized on that to bring a 1-0 victory for his team. From the stats, it is clear that the Spurs played this match with immense dominance. They kept 59% ball possession in their favor while West broom only managed to keep 41%. The basics of football tell that you need to shoot the ball towards the goal to get goals and the same as done by Spurs 5 times while West Broom only managed to keep the shot on target twice. Instead of all these, the match will be remembered for Harry Kane who has touched Wayne Rooney with 201 goals for any particular team.

The hard-earned win for Tottenham will teach them many things and the loss of West Broom will make them more determined to play good football to get towards the top of the league table.